About Trans4m Fitness

About Trans4m

Trans4m fitness is dedicated to health and wellness. Since 2005 we have dedicated ourselves to providing a science-based approach to a healthy lifestyle, fitness, diet, and exercise.
Our Team has helped over 2000 women and men achieve the body of their dreams using a science-based approach to fitness and nutrition.

Our Mission Is To Eliminate the Fat Loss and Fitness B.S.

Through this blog, along with my books, audio programs, online communities, social media pages, and fitness challenge contests, my goal is to inform and inspire you to reach all your body transformation goals and become the healthiest and fittest you can

Training for the Movie 300

be at any age, without fads, gimmicks, pills, potions or any quick fixes.

We support, promote and teach an all-natural (drug-free) approach to training and an all-natural, and whole-food approach to nutrition, combined with goal-setting, a positive mental attitude, and a good dose of motivation. From this knowledge, we developed the Trans4m Diet an effective rapid weight loss system that addresses the holistic needs of the dieter without gimmicks or B.S.

Why trust us?

Holly after winning her pro card

Our reputation goes far and wide in the Diet and fitness industry. Our team members have trained over 2000 women and men with incredible results using evidence-based well-researched techniques that the potion and pill pushers can only dream about.
From our group/individual training to our online coaching we remain one of the premier trusted destinations for RESULTS. We get calls from “A” list movie stars wanting to shred and get into the best shape of their lives to professional athletes getting ready for combines. By combining our holistic approach to diet and training we can guarantee results if you do the work. 


We also do contest prep for aspiring fitness models and bodybuilders. Here is a picture of Anthony with his daughter Holly after she won her pro card in a fitness model competition.

NHL players

Or how about professional athletes who trust us with all aspects of training and nutrition to stay in peak performance!

We developed the Trans4m 30-day challenge to allow people just like you to achieve results that will be life-changing, A done for you no brainer challenge that allows you to see results as you have never seen before, and what is exciting about this is that it trains you to make the right choices and prevents the dreaded post-diet rebound! You can check it out here. 



What do we find the most fulfilling?  We find our satisfaction in guiding regular women and men through the mine-laden world of hyperbole and B.S. to allow them to achieve results beyond their dreams.