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It’s all in the name, medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil contains medium-length chains of fats called triglycerides. The short and fat chains in this food are easier to digest than longer, stringier ones found in other foods. They also have been shown to increase weight loss by triggering the body’s natural process of generating heat within cells!

Medium-Chain Triglyceride Oil (MCT Oil)

MCT oil is a type of fat often found in coconut or palm kernel oils. It’s shown to be easier to digest than longer-chain fatty acids found in other foods, like butter!

The name medium-chain triglyceride implies that the chains are shorter and have fewer links between them. This makes MCTs easily absorbed by your body since they don’t need as much energy before being broken down into their parts – which can then either get used directly by cells or converted back into calories you use immediately (like when exercising).

Adding MCT oil to your diet can be a great way to improve and maintain physical health.

What are some of the science-backed benefits you may get from adding it into your routine?

A quick boost in energy, better digestion, easier weight loss because fats digest slower than carbohydrates or proteins.

MCT can Potentially Promote a Healthy Metabolism and Fat Burning.

MCT oil is a powerful, weight-loss supplement that can help you lose weight or perform better. Studies have shown that MCT increases the release of two hormones (peptide YY and leptin ), promoting feelings of fullness to prevent overeating throughout the day. One study found that people taking two tablespoons of MCT Oil as part of their breakfast ended up eating less food for lunch than those who consumed straight coconut oil!

New research shows that MCT oil can help control blood sugar levels and lower triglycerides. Additionally, some older studies show it could also curb obesity long-term by lowering body weight or waist circumference.

MCT oils are not always the perfect solution for everyone, though they have shown to increase cholesterol in a small group of people with existing conditions. More research is needed before we know if this trend will be consistent across all populations.

If you’re following a ketogenic diet, which is very low carb yet high in fat, taking MCT oil may help keep you on the path to weight loss. It could also optimize your gut environment by supporting good bacteria growth and maintaining healthy lining for optimal food digestion.

If you’re looking to drop some pounds while still eating cheese pizza every once in a while (regardless if it’s green or not), then start supplementing with MCT oil!

Sticking to a low carbohydrate range while avoiding refined sugar and processed foods can be tough, but adding a tablespoon of coconut milk or a good quality MCT oil to smoothies will provide extra energy from fats since your glucose levels are lower. The other benefit is that it leaves you feeling satiated due to the high-fat content!

MCT oil has many benefits for athletes. The most notable is that it can help with endurance and be a good energy source during races or long-distance training sessions.

MCT Could be a Good Energy Source

The old study found that athletes who took MCTs before cycling had lower lactate levels and found it easier to exercise than those taking LCTs.

Furthermore, the study found that aerobic capacity was improved in a group of participants when they ingested medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) before physical activity for 12 weeks instead of long-chain triacylglycerol’s (LCT).

This indicates how important fats are for our body’s function during prolonged periods of endurance activities like exercising or running!

For athletes, the benefits of MCTs have unclear. The first study found that it could improve mice’s swimming capacity. Still, a human-based study found no improvement in runners’ endurance performance. 

However, another animal-based research suggests otherwise: “MCT oil consumption does not affect exercise performance.”

Enhances Brain Function

New research on Ketogenic diets is providing an exciting new way to stay focused and mentally healthy. One study found that the brain works more efficiently with ketones than glucose, offering a better fuel source for your mind!

Another fascinating finding was mental clarity improved in cognitively healthy people after eating a Keto meal! What’s even cooler? Research has shown it may also help those who have dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Stores Less Fat

MCT Oil can be an extremely valuable supplement for weight loss. 

Your body will use MCT’s oil as an energy source, so the calories are used immediately rather than being stored as fat, meaning that you burn more calories than usual with your meal while also storing less fat!

Research has shown that when consumed along with a healthy diet, MCT Oil can help decrease waist circumference and accelerate weight loss. (1)Opens in a new tab.

Decrease Hunger

Studies show that MCT oil can significantly reduce hunger levels and naturally promote weight loss. 

Also, the increased ketones produced by consuming MCTs may suppress ghrelin, a hormone that makes you feel hungry!

Gut Health

It’s official! You have more bacteria in your gut than you do cells in your body.

Scientists are discovering that these tiny creatures play an important role in how our bodies function. If they’re not doing their job, it could mean some serious health consequences like obesity or weight gain.

Luckily there is a way to change the composition of gut microbiota which may give us the edge we need to shed excess fat by taking control of what lives inside us.

MCT Oil encourages the growth of healthy bacteria in your gut. This may be yet another way it can help you reverse unwanted weight gain and keep infections at bay.

MCT Oil has antifungal and antimicrobial properties that suppress some serious infectious growths. One of them is C-diff, a fungus that causes sepsis, Candida, etc.

MCT Oils are great because they’re not only helpful with reversing weight loss but also suppressing infections due to their beneficial qualities being antifungal/antimicrobial

MCT Oil is a versatile and popular supplement that has benefited hundreds of athletes and dieters worldwide. 

MCT oil offers an effective way to reduce lactate build-up, as evidenced by the study cited here where subjects consumed it before intense exercise.

It’s important to note that these results were not seen when the participants in question followed Keto diets – if you’re looking for something more specific on how this might apply to your diet plan, check out our blog post about Keto Dieting!

Blood Sugar

According to recent research, MCT oil may improve insulin sensitivity in people with type 2 diabetes. MCT’s s can help them control their blood sugar levels and live longer lives!

Keto Energy

MCT Oil is a great supplement for Keto-dieters who need a nice clean fat for energy. It improves brain function, but the higher thermogenic effect will boost your metabolism as well.

And unlike other fat sources, MCT oil is absorbed and metabolized immediately after consumption!

This means that ketones are readily available for you, so your transition into ketosis will be significantly easier.

How Do I use MCT Oil and Incorporate it into my Lifestyle?

MCT Oils stay liquid at room temperature, and they are ready to blend. Since they have no taste or smell, you can mix these oils in various ways as long as it isn’t too cold! Here are just a few ideas for getting that daily dose:

1) Mixing MCT Oil into iced coffee is one way to get some early morning energy and caffeine without needing an extra creamer or sugar! Or make yourself a KETO coffee with grass-fed butter and MCT oil. It would be best if you had a blender; it’s delicious

2) Adding it to smoothies gives any vegetable-based shake more flavor and healthy fats

3) Create a salad dressing using MCT oil and Apple Cider Vinegar

4). Finally, if all else fails? Just add hot sauce, so everything tastes better (but not spicy)!

The way I get in my medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil is to have a cup of tasty bulletproof coffee in the morning. It’s Amazing and tasty.

Keto (Bulletproof) MCT Oil Butter Coffee

Start your day with some healthy fats with a Keto coffee
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Prep Time 1 minute
Cook Time 2 minutes
Course Drinks
Cuisine American
Servings 1
Calories 230 kcal


  • 1 cup Brewed coffee
  • 1 tsp C8 MCT oil Work your way up to 2 tbsp
  • 1-2 tbsp Grass Fed unsalted butter or Ghee


  • Brew 1 Cup of Coffee
  • Add coffee, C8 MCT oil and butter or ghee to a blender
  • Blend 20-30 seconds until it looks like a creamy latte. Enjoy!


Adjust the amount of butter, ghee and MCT oil to find what works for you


Serving: 1cupCalories: 230kcalFat: 25gSaturated Fat: 21g
Keyword butter coffee, keto, mct oil
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!


MCTs are a type of fat that has been demonstrated to lower cholesterol levels in animal and human studies.

For example, one study found that administering MCTs to mice helped reduce their cholesterol level by increasing bile acids’ excretion (23Trusted Source).

The MCTs found in healthy foods, such as coconut oil and dairy are proven to be safe.


Types of MCT Oil

MCT Oil is a cutting-edge supplement that can help you live healthier and more have more energy.

 Still, there are many different MCT oils on the market to choose from. 

It’s not easy getting started when faced with this overwhelming list of options! 

But don’t worry–once you understand what four main types of MCT oil supplements exist, picking out your perfect brand will be much easier than it was before.

Caproic Acid (C6): C6 converts into ketones very efficiently. However, C6 users seem to have a lot of stomach issues. I’s stay away from this one.

Caprylic acid (C8): was shown to provide the quickest and longest-lasting ketone generation of any other fatty acids tested. Additionally, it produces higher concentrations of acetoacetate than whole coconut oil, which generated more beta-hydroxybutyrate.

This may prove beneficial in the early days of a Ketogenic diet because until your body fully adapts to using ketones as energy, its absorption into muscles is slowed down by high amounts of glucose present from carbs or sugars consumed earlier.

C8 itself crosses the blood-brain barrier and is directly converted to ketones by brain cells! Amazing!

This is the brand that I use from a reputable company called Bulletproof. 

Capric Acid (C10): C8 and C10 are the most common fatty acids found in MCT oil formulas because they are thought to metabolize faster than other types of fats. 

These two varieties have another unique quality: a lack of an aftertaste! Candida, which can cause GI disturbances like belching, diarrhea, and nausea, could be kept under control by consuming these fats for improved gut health.

Lauric Acid (C12): C12 is the most abundant MCFA found in coconut oil. It may absorb slower than other MCTs, which might be a nice complement for those looking for an MCT that doesn’t give you stomach issues or make your gut feel too full.[*] 

Lauric acid has been shown to inhibit c-diff bacteria and protect against hospital-acquired infections like MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus). 

Beware of consuming antibiotics while taking this supplement as it can potentially cause harmful side effects!

[*] In fact, studies have proven that lauric acid improves not only an immune response but also inhibits bad bacteria growth better than caprylic and decanoate acids.

Here is what we recommend as the perfect MCT oil.

MCT Oil Softgels on Amazon
MCT Oil On Amazon

Dosage and side effects

Despite its current lack of a defined UL (Upper Limit), it is recommended that adults use no more than 4-7 tablespoons daily. It’s unclear what dose will lead to potential health benefits, but most studies have used 1-5 tablespoon doses per day.

I would suggest that you start with a small dosage and work your way up.

 Start with a tablespoon in the morning with your Bulletproof Coffee and after a week or so try to expand to 2 tablespoons.

If you start with too much MCT at the beginning, you risk experiencing nausea, vomiting, and an upset stomach. One thing that I experienced when I took too much was diarrhea. Not pleasant and avoidable by limiting your intake at the start.


The many potential health benefits of MCT oil will leave you feeling energized and eager to hit the gym.

Although it’s not a ticket to dramatic weight loss, MCT Oil supplements may provide modest but noticeable benefits such as increased endurance, increased fat burning, and if you’re on Keto Diet, an easier and faster transition to ketosis.

For these reasons, adding MCT Oil to your diet might make sense. Give it a shot and see. 

Anthony MSc. Nutrition CPT

Anthony is a certified personal trainer, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, and Strength and Conditioning coach. Today he works as a full-time fitness coach, writer, blogger, and author. In his spare time, he is an avid sailor, boating enthusiast, hiker, and backpacker His goal is to take the confusion out of weight loss and health and make it simple and easy to understand and follow. Anthony McGarr NASM CPT, CHHP, MSc. Nutrition, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner And Creator Of The Trans4m Diet

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