The ChiroThin Diet Pros and Cons

chirothin dietChiroThin is a low-calorie diet weight loss program that can be purchased exclusively through chiropractors.

The company claims users will lose about 35 pounds in 42 days, but you basically have to starve yourself for it to work.

You can only obtain ChiroThin and the Chirothin formula drops by visiting licensed and participating chiropractors who are then responsible for overseeing the six week diet plan.

Follow up visits with your Chiropractor may take place during these initial stages of treatment before transitioning into maintenance mode where regular follow ups occur every two weeks or so depending on progress made towards reaching goals set forth by both patient and physician alike.

They claim that it also includes behavioral modification guidance.  Which is the part that I like because behavior modification is a major factor in post diet adherence to keeping the weight off.

Weight loss programs like this one that give you a very low calorie diet for a given amount of time basically puts you into starvation mode which can lead to loss of lean mass (muscle).

The program designers claim that the Chirothin drops prevent that from happening but its highly improbably that a few drops of a proprietary formula will achieve that result.

That all being said as a Certified Holistic Healthcare Practitioner I see a program that has accountability built into the program simply because it’s being monitored by a Chiropractic Doctor and your paying for the program (which imho gives you incentive to stick to the program).

I like that approach because I believe that accountability is a major factor in achieving health goals especially weight loss.

ChiroThin Diet Reviews Reveal That It’s Very Expensive

Many people are looking for a way to lose weight and pursue a healthy lifestyle. Chirothin is one option that has been gaining popularity lately, but it is expensive.

One of the most important things about this program is its pricing structure; some users have posted on Yelp some reviews with insight into how much each customer pays in order to purchase the package deal or individual products from their website store. Some users say they were charged $550-600 just to get started on the diet plan!

Even more shockingly, there aren’t any set standards as far as follow up visits needed after purchasing either packages or items through their online store because prices vary by chiropractor office location.

What’s in ChiroThin Drops?

Something you are sold while on this diet are ChiroThin drops, but we have no real idea what’s in it.

ChiroThin drops

There are a few ingredients that we do know about – amino acids, cell salts (Something that’s primarily used in Hemopathy) and vitamins. They mention that it is also an all natural dietary supplement. The website states that it uses the highest quality ingredients and is a natural appetite suppressant.

Unfortunately for those with medication or dietary restrictions, allergies, or health concerns- there isn’t any information on whether this supplement can be healthy to take while being on certain medications or following specific diets because they don’t reveal their proprietary formula like some other companies do! For anything that I’m consuming I would like to see exact ingredients and dosages. They do mention that the supplement is manufactured in an FDA approved facility which is a plus.

Chirothin Guidlines

Subscribing to the ChiroThin weight loss program involves several requirements, according to customer experience reviews.

To get started you must have:

  • The ability to commit for a six-week period;
  • Pay $500-$550 dollars up front for the program; pay an additional fee per appointment in addition if needed (based on your income); pass a physical by our chiropractor which does not permit anyone with serious health condition from participating and lastly, take part in body measurement process at start of treatment or within first week after initiation.

The ChiroThin weight loss program is not for the faint of heart. Patients must be willing to commit to:

Consuming only 500 calories per day and undergoing regular chiropractic evaluation sessions, in addition to taking a daily dose of ChiroThin drops before eating their meals.

Some considerations before you sign up for the ChiroThin program:

The chiropractor might not be qualified to administer this diet, as they may lack expertise in dietary standards or nutrition (While Chiropractic programs have a nutrition curriculum it is not very intensive and varies by locationOpens in a new tab.)  .

They also don’t share what’s in each drop of their formula with customers (Proprietary FormulasOpens in a new tab.).

No studies have been carried out on the effectiveness of ChiroThin weight loss drops. So far, there is no evidence that this product works as advertised and according to some experts it could even be dangerous.

There are claims that a diet plan with these products can reset body mass index (BMI) and basal metabolic rate (BMR), but medical professionals assert they’re largely ineffective in doing so and the thin evidence shown.

Some people may see results from using them while following an adhered strict diet, although many will regain the weight after the program ends if they do not follow a post diet program (Which will cost more money I’m certain)

While a person will lose weight while on a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) without the additional nutritional support provided by ChiroThin, their body is being tricked into starvation mode.

Starvation mode is a protective function of human bodies in response to prolonged caloric restriction and deprivation from nutrients. When an individual consumes fewer calories than they need over time, the body slows down metabolism and starts burning muscle for energy – all this just to store any fat that’s consumed! This can be extremely unhealthy as it may lead towards rebound weight gain when you stop following the program.

ChiroThin Weight Loss program is touted as an all natural diet proven to be effective. It includes a mix of low glycemic index and anti-inflammatory foods which are designed to increase the body’s ability for fatty acid transportation, metabolism, and storage by upregulating lipoprotein lipase activity in adipose tissue. I would like to see evidence as pertaining to this exact diet however. The links they provide are generalities of VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) treatments.

-ChiroThin weight loss drops are not proven to work as advertised.

-Weight lost using these products is usually regained once a person starts eating normally again.

-There are no studies on the effectiveness of Chirothin drops.

-Some experts say they could be dangerous because of the very low calorie intake which can lead to weight gain and metabolic dysfunction long term.

What the website says about the drops is it contains a host of nutritional ingredients that are well known to aid in fatty acid transportation, fatty acid metabolism, blood sugar stabilization, increase in metabolism and detoxification.

When combined with a healthy and specific amounts and blends of low glycemic index, anti-inflammatory foods, your body will be more efficient at converting stored fat into energy. Those sure are powerful drops if it does all that! Ok so if that’s true then show us the ingredients and the research to prove this point

Side Effects

Beware! ChiroThin has had a number of side effects reported from nosebleeds to brain fog.

Possible Side Effects: The FDA has put a warning out regarding side-effects of Chirothin. There is not much information about the use and safety aside from one case study which did mention that there are reports of adverse reactions such as nosebleeds, brain fog, and increased energy consumption leading to weight gain or metabolic dysfunction long term.

Things You Should Know Before Trying This Diet

The diet has no studies on its efficacy so it’s hard to say if it works or not. It’s also important to note that you’ll regain any lost weight once you go back to eating normally again – but then again, this isn’t really surprising since most very low calorie diets don’t work in the long run.


This diet raises a lot of red flags for me. First of all I’m not a fan of very low-calorie diets. Long term weight loss is hard to achieve with these types of diets simply die to the rebound after the diet ends.

I’m sure a lot of chirothin weight loss program patients experience this. While the diet does limit the consumption of complex carbohydrates and requires specific amounts of anti-inflammatory foods however this is a moot point as the calorie count is so low you will have a hard time adhering to the diet.

And is not a positive factor for long-term weight loss Another red flag is the statement Doctor Supervision please keep in mind that you are taking nutritional advice from a Chiropractor not an M.D.. While some Chiro’s have extensive nutrition training it is not standardize and varies depending on the school the Chiropractor attendedOpens in a new tab..

I would try a very short low calorie diet such as the Cabbage Soup DietOpens in a new tab. or The Military DietOpens in a new tab. and see how your body reacts after the end of the first week and no need for questionable nutritional supplementation. If you find that works for you switch it off with something like the Mediterranean DietOpens in a new tab. when your not on a VLCD.

My advice is as follows.. If you need guidance by a real live person and that makes you accountable by all means this can be a very effective diet plan for you.  If you have over 50 pounds to lose you might want to check out my program below. We use a Facebook group for accountability and follow ups with me via e-mail. Another alternative would be to try out a couple of very low calorie diets such as the Military DietOpens in a new tab. or the Cabbage Soup DietOpens in a new tab. first and see how you respond. Just do them for a few days or a week at at time.

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