The hCG Diet Protocol hCG Diet Phases 1-3, Reviews and Side-Effects

HcG Diet

Are you looking for the fastest way to lose weight? Have you failed to remove an inch from your previous diet regimes? hCG diet could be your way to the dream body!

Here is your complete guide for the new hCG diet protocol and 1-3 phases of the hCG diet, along with reviews and side effects.

The hCG diet is definitely showing signs of life again. hCG is an acronym for “HUMAN CHRONIC GONADOTROPIN,” a hormone produced in a pregnant female by the embryo’s placenta.1 You might have heard about hCG pregnancy strips. Strips detect hCG in the body to know about early pregnancy. But here’s what is new for you. You can lose weight by taking exogenous hCG.

Pure hCG is obtained from the urine of pregnant women and then used for making tablets, palettes and, sublingual pills. hCG diet dates back to 1950 when a British Endocrinologist Dr. Albert T. Simeon, used hCG hormone and a restrictive 500 calorie meal plan to devise a new diet plan for his obese patients. He saw significant weight loss in his patients.

How Does The hCG Diet Work?

Dr. Simeon wrote his manuscript “POUNDS and INCHESOpens in a new tab.,” where he extensively explained the hCG diet’s science. He has emphasized the hypothalamus, a part of the brain that works as the fat bank. Hypothalamus is what drives body fat.

The body fat we see accumulated around our organs and tissues deposits there permanently. We don’t use deposited fat as an energy source.  For losing weight, deposited fat must be mobilized and utilized for energy. Dr. Simeon used hCG to signal the hypothalamus to free fat reserves and utilize fat for energy.

The rule for this hCG diet is to consume 500 calories along with 125 IU hCG shots daily. The good news is, you will not feel hungry on this diet. Despite eating a very low-calorie diet, you are not going to feel hungry. It happens because mobilized fat from fat storage is used for getting energy. An obese patient already has this plenty of reserve in his body.

What is the duration of the hCG diet?

According to Dr. Simeon’s book, “patients who need to lose 15 pounds or less require 26 days of treatment with 23 injections daily. Extra three days are required for all patients to follow the 500 calorie diet until a small trace of hCG is present in their body. Even a small amount of extra food in the presence of hCG can make you gain an enormous amount of fat.” Moreover, the hypothalamus needs at least three weeks to regain its fat-banking capacity fully.

If the patient has more than 15 pounds to lose, the maximum dose is given in a single course is 40 injections and, the treatment is stopped after 40 injections dose.

Hcg Loading phases

Phases of The hCG diet:

The whole duration of the diet divides into three phases:

Phase 1 of the hCG diet:

This hCG phase is known as the loading phase. We advise dieters to start taking hCG and eat plenty of calorie-rich, high-fat foods for the first two days. Drinking plenty goes water is also recommended-no restrictions on coffee or tea.

Phase 2 of the hCG diet:

This phase is the longest one ranging from 3 to 6 weeks. Here’s when you will lose plenty of weight. Continue taking hCG and limit the calories to only 500 for 3-6 weeks.

Phase 3 of the hCG diet:

This phase is now the maintenance phase. Dieters should stop taking hCG shots. Gradually increase the calorie intake over weeks till it reaches 1500 calories. Avoid starchy, fatty and, sugar-rich food for an extra three weeks.

The Original Dr. Simeon’s hCG Diet Meal plan:

A sample meal plan is given in “POUNDS and INCHESOpens in a new tab.” as follows:

The 500 calorie diet is started on the day of the second injection to patients. Here is a sample of a full-day meal plan:


Coffee or tea without sugar.

One Tbsp of milk is allowed with tea in 24 hours.

Use Saccharin or Stevia.


1) 100 grams of meat including, beef, chicken, white fish, lobster, crab, or shrimp. Avoid salmon and other fatty fishes.

Remove all fat from the meat before cooking.

Weigh the meat when it is raw.

It must be grilled, baked or, boiled without any oil. Salmon, Herring, tuna, processed or pickled fish are not allowed.

2) Choose only one type of vegetable

Allowed vegetables:  Artichoke, Spinach, Bok choy, chicory, beet greens, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, broccoli, celery, cabbage, fennel, onions, red radishes, cucumbers, asparagus

3) One breadstick (grissino) or one Bread slice toast.

4) An apple, orange, handful of strawberries, or one-half grapefruit or orange.

Dinner :

The same four choices as lunch.

Other specifications to be noted:

  • Lemon juice is allowed. Permitted Herbs and spices are salts, parsley, turmeric, black pepper, red pepper, oregano, basil, thyme
  • and, aniseed in all quantities. Fat dressings, mayo, ranch sauce are prohibited.
  • Drink plain water, mineral water, coffee, black tea as drinks.
  • The patient must drink about two liters of water each day minimum.
  • Have fruit between meals. Avoid it with lunch or dinner. Do not eat more than four items listed for lunch and dinner at a time in one meal.
  • Do not use medicines, supplements, vitamins or, cosmetics other than lipstick, eyebrow pencil and, face powder.

 Avoid hCG injections during menstruation days but continue with the diet.

  • Avoid hCG diet in anyways during pregnancy.

Vegetarians and The hCG diet:

What are vegetarians supposed to eat on the hCG diet? As far as the fruits and vegetables are concerned, they are liberal to have them. But, they can’t consume legumes as their protein source. To make up for their protein requirements, they must consume 500 ml of skimmed milk or milk curd.

Can hCG affect male sex hormones?

No, this is not possible. We understand males being hesitant to take hCG- the pregnancy hormone. But this is, in no way, can affect their sexuality.

Do I need vitamin supplements on the hCG diet?

No, according to Dr. Simeon, every time you lose 1 pound of body fat. All the minerals, nutrients already present in your blood are fed to your tissues and organs, and it will not make you anemic.

You must consult your doctor and take necessary supplements like iron, potassium, calcium in your diet.

hCG Diet Protocol In 2022

Some modifications are needed in the old hCG meal plan because the new researches have supported the changes.:

  1. Consume 800 calories instead of 500:

The first change must be in caloric intake. Any caloric intake of fewer than 800 calories per day can put your body in starvation mode. It will be harder to lose weight. A slight increase in calories with more protein uptake supports more weight loss.

  1. Eat a protein-rich breakfast:

It’s becoming common in busy daily life to skip breakfast. Research supports consuming breakfast. Having eggs, sausages or, any other protein-rich food in your breakfast curbs your hunger, makes you feel full and, you stay energetic throughout the day.

  1. Eliminate the binging phase:

During the loading phase, you should skip the high-fat, caloric-rich foods. Dr. Richard interviewed 1500 overweight patients on the hCG diet and did not find any significant effect of binging on weight loss. He advises not to include this in your hCG diet regime. The fat cells are already filled with fat globules, and extra binge will not be beneficial in any way.

  1. Medications and cosmetic use on the hCG diet:

Dr. Simeon has prohibited supplements, medication and, cosmetic use on his diet. This custom is outdated and without any proof. The reality is not taking your medicines can make you end up in the emergency room of a hospital. Continue taking any medications you have been prescribed.

Abandoning any cosmetic use during the hCG diet is also an absurd custom with no scientific basis. The  FDA has approved cosmetics use on any diet, and it’s not linked to causing any regulations in body hormones.

Oral hCG vs. Intramuscular hCG, Which one is better?

Oral hCG is a market scam. The stomach destroys oral hCG rapidly. They are highly unstable in the stomach thus must be given parentally. The hCG pills are sublingual. When you place a tablet under your tongue, It gets absorbed by the subclavian vein in your neck and starts running in your blood.

If you ask about effectiveness, then muscular hCG is a win-win. But, If you are considering your convenience, then sublingual pills are a great option.

Where can I get hCG shots?

Every person starting this hCG diet has this question in their mind. Where can he get hCG injections? They are not available over the counter,  although many scammy websites do sell them online. The FDA has put strict warnings against hCG product use.

You can even buy completely useless hCG supplements on AmazonOpens in a new tab. but you can only be prescribed hCG. We recommend you seek a doctor’s recommendation before starting this diet.

Now, the question arises; Is the hCG diet effective and safe?

Reviews and Side effects of hCG diet:

Every diet has its pros and cons. Suppose you ask whether you will lose weight on the hCG diet or not. The answer would be an absolute yes! But you can’t ignore the potential risk factors it may cause.

Most people call this diet fraudulent. According to some, hCG does not play any role at all. Many studies support this as well. 3 4 5  These studies gave placebo injections of hCG to people who thought it was genuine hCG (placebo effect) while maintaining the same dietary intake. Weight loss in both groups was the same.

hCG diet can increase the chances of breast cancer, a study found. 6 Pregnant women have increased hCG in their body, and it imposes greater risk for breast cancer; however, it is still not determined if exogenous hCG does the same.

Chronic hCG use in the diet can cause some other life-threatening conditions like thrombosis, thromboembolism, gynecomastia (development of breast) in males.

The Bottom Line:

hCG diet is a trend popular among the obese public. It is the fastest way to lose weight without feeling hungry. You can lose 1 to 1.5 pounds per day with this diet. The diet concept comes from Dr. Simeon, who observed significant weight loss in his patients when he administered 125 IU hCG intra-muscular injection daily with a restrictive 500 calorie meal plan.

He wrote his details about diet in his manuscript “POUNDS AND INCHESOpens in a new tab.” The diet comprises three phases and ranges from 26 days to 40 days. The diet promises significant weight loss by making changes in the body’s fat bank, “the hypothalamus.”

The diet has been controversial; FDA has a ban on its weightless products, homeopathic medicines and, Injections that are unavailable over-the-counter. You can only get hCG injections on a registered doctor’s prescription. The diet causes some serious health conditions like breast cancer and thromboembolism.

We advise you only to use this diet as your last resort to lose weight. There are many other healthy options available for you to lose weight healthily and safely way. Exercise and a nutrition-rich balanced diet is the safest way to enjoy a healthy life.

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Susanne Schüler-Toprak, Oliver Treeck,* and Olaf Ortma

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